Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Craft Coardboard Stars

Things You will need:

- empty toilet paper rolls (each roll makes about one star)
- glue, or the liquid variety
- clothes pins
-spray paint

1. Cut the toilet paper roll into 3/4 inch "rings" (see photo beside).

You should be able to get or 6 rings (the almost look like leaves or petals from a flower)

2. Dab some glue on the tip of the ring as such and adhere it to another ring.

3. Use a clothes pin to help them dry and stay together.

4. Do this all the way around until you have your desired shape (5 rings make a star and 6 make a flower). Let dry completely.

Make several stars and let them dry completely,before go on to the next step...

5. Spray paint each one in whatever color you desire...I chose white.

6. Sprinkle it with glitter lay it out on wax paper or somewhere clean, cool, and dry and let dry for an hour.

7. Grab a cup of iced coffee, relax, and marvel at how crafty you are!

These gorgeous stars are fairly simple to make and have a definite "wow" factor! 
I'm using mine to make a beautiful addition to any Christmas Tree and I'm sure you crafty ladies out there can imagine other fantastic uses for them!

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